Great Restaurants

Redfish on Memorial Drive. And Mezza on LaVista Road. Go. Now. To either.

Have the flash-fried oysters at Redfish. I don't care if May or June don't have "r"s in them. The falafel at Mezza is the best I have ever eaten. Trust me, I know my falafel.

I happen to like Mezza better than Redfish. I think I like Mezza better than any restaurant in Atlanta right now. But it seems E enjoys Redfish better. The wine selection at the latter has far more quality bottles.


Wunder Radar Konfabulator Widget

Try the new Wunder Radar widget. I think I like this one better than pulling in a Weather Channel image every five minutes.


Skype for Mac

Skype introduced another version for Macintosh today. It supports buttons. See mine at the bottom of the navigation bar here.


Cable Internet & HDTV at the New House

Comcast offers 8.0 down/.768 up internet access at Martini Flats, with a wireless G router included. That's nearly seven times the advertized dowload speed at the old house, and 50% more upload speed, too.

Packaged with that is HDTV and a PVR (personal video recorder). We only had digital (not HD) TV at Moonshine Lodge, and no recorder at all.

The Comcast bundle is about five bucks cheaper per month that our combined DSL and Dish bill. Civilization, we are back.


Karin Slaughter's "Faithless"

Live burials? Gotta love 'em. Karin Slaughter's "Faithless" is out in the US. You must read this book. I couldn't put it down, except whenever I heard a bump in the night - then I put down the book and grabbed the pick-axe while peeking out the corner of the window.

New Audio Clip in My Profile

I noticed the audio clip option when posting my profile picture. Most of my music library is AAC, which is not a universal format. But freeware mAC3dec converted Dreams So Real's "Rough Night in Jericho" in about two minutes. View my profile in the nav bar to the right. Click on the Audio Clip link. I'll change it occasionally.


Need Restaurant Recommendations

A foodie at Reznick Group, my new employer, recommended The Oakhurst Grill. In the comments section of this post, please tell us your favorite intown Atlanta restaurants, with links if they exist.

E needs a good sushi place. I need Cajun/Creole.

The New House

Here they are, the new house and the new blog. Martini Flats is the successor to The Fightingtown Creek Experiment (link to that archived blog to the right). Elizabeth (e) and I came up with Martini Flats in an email conversation while I was working in Atlanta and she was still at Moonshine Lodge. It might not survive as the name of the house, but it's going to be pretty hard to change, now that I have started the blog.

More pictures here.